Elektrische fiets

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy requires durable solutions.
Solar- and Wind-Energy have achieved large steps in the past few years. By this they are more often considered as realistic options to provide our daily Energy requirements. The current they generate are nevertheless different then what our power grid is offering so in many cases not directly usable. To match these differences PRE have developed countless solutions for several Power levels. For these solutions we keep  the efficiency which is required for the complete system as high as possible.

What does PRE offer?
PRE  is already long time successful within the Renewable Energy. Several products have been introduced into large production series and brought to the market were they have proven their worth and reliability. PRE has developed Inverters with prominent European manufactures. For this the continues exposure to the elements have been a major challenge.
For Low Power and Ultra Low Power (ULP) requirements, PRE has patented in 2007 a technology that  aims for the use of a single Solar-cell. This in counter diction to usual series-cell construction. Advantage of this technology is a higher efficiency [less components] and higher reliability. This innovation is currently further developed in co-operation with a business partner. The most successful application is the Solar GSM, of which already hundreds of thousands have been sold. This kind of application can play a significant role at places were the power grid is not available. On World Wide base this covers more than a Billion end-users !!

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