Elektrisch rijden

Leader in innovative Power Technology

With our solutions we offer a contribution to the success of our customers. We design and produce highly graded and innovative Power Electronics were the optimum solution for the customer’s requirements always is our goal. If this is aimed for Industrial applications, Solar- and/or Wind energy generation or mobility, we have the solutions at hand.

Reliable engineering at reasonable price
Our customers profit from more than 20 years of experience and a network of carefully selected partners. This contributes to a fast development cycle and low cost for new product development that meets the set specifications and present CE regulations. Our development distinguishes itself by simplicity, reliability and low costing.

Selection of best production facilities
We gladly support in guiding the product into mass production as well. Depending on quantities, product specifics and needs of the customer, we can select the optimum production facility. This can be in The Netherlands or in Europe, but also in Asia. If you choose to produce in-house, then we can support you with selection of component suppliers as well.

    We can help you with:
  • development of fully certified end-product, including the housing
  • Complete CE certification with regard to EMC and safety
  • Pre-qualification, handled by PRE, to smoothly run the eventual certification by an independant body
  • Production in small or large quantities of the developed product
  • Counseling within the innovative Power Technology