Led verlichting


PRE was founded in 1983 under the name of Power Research Electronics by Mr. Jan Wanner. Already in the starting years the company could distinguish itself by innovative solutions within the Power application field. Products as DC/DC converters, Mains-supplies, Chargers and Inverters were designed and produced with leading edge technology. Several innovations were recognized and international accepted. Think for instance of the Solar GSM!

In 2002 Jos Schijffelen and Menno Kardolus acquired the company and a bit later Mark Gröninger and Erik van Beusekom joined the board of Directors as well.  Power Research Electronics name was shortened to PRE with additional “Power Developers”, which underlines the innovation power. Nowadays PRE aims more often on durable power topologies such as LED, Solar and Wind. And still as ever remaining innovative, pragmatic and problem solving. Jan Wanner is as Nestor of the company and entrepreneur in the field of power technology, still tied to PRE as a consultant.