Electrical Mobility

Electric driving, fast charging.
The Electrical Bicycle is nowadays no strange appearance in the modern traffic. Also other directives of electrical transport, like the Scooter and Car are winning ground on popularity. The advantages are numerous. Less pollution, less noise and especially Energy Saving. The success of this new form of transportation is strongly depended on the ability of fast charging. PRE has in short time, acquired extensive experience for several projects. If being for on-board charging (a compact installation on board of the vehicle that allows faster charging) of fast charging ( charging within 20~30 minutes). We put our knowledge gladly to use of your power requirements regarding electrical mobility.

What does PRE offer?
PRE by now has a lot of experience regarding the field of electrical mobility. Think then of knowledge regarding the design and sourcing of battery-packs and electronic engines. This contributes to a very efficient design of a total solution. The Pedelec that PRE has developed in partnership has one of the largest ranges on a full Battery, in comparison to other commercial available Bicycles.

For charging with DC, PRE has developed a modular 10kW concept which allows the power to increase by steps, to a maximum of 100kW.

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