Hannover Messe: PRE shows new power modules for V2G and Fast Charging

From 23 to 27 April, the largest trade fair for the High Tech industry in the world takes place. In 2017 the Hannover Messe had 225.000 visitors. Electronic Transportation Systems is an important theme at the Hannover Messe, so PRE must be there. The PRE Power Developers booth is in hall 27 stand G45. PRE shows the latest innovations in the area of:

  • Fast Charging
  • Vehicle to Grid / Vehicle to Home (V2G / V2H)

The exhibition at the Hannover Messe is divided into five main areas: 1. Integrated Automation Motion & Drives, 2. Digital Factory, 3. Energy, 4. Industrial Supply, 5. Research & Technology. Electronic Transportation Systems is very important theme inside the Energy area.

As you can see on the map, everything related to Electronic Transportation Systems can be found in hall 27. The CHAdeMO booth is also stationed in hall 27, where PRE can be found as well (Hall 27, stand G45). At the CHAdeMO booth, five companies shows the latest developments in EV charging to the visitors. In addition to the companies PRE Power Developers, Circontrol, Electric Loading, Evtec and Tritium, the latest Nissan Leaf is the big eye-catcher.

PRE Power Developers will demonstrate the latest Power Modules for Fast Charging and V2G (Vehicle to Grid) at the fair.

25kW DC/DC module for Fast Charging
PRE has developed a standard 25kW Modular Isolated Power concept, designed for multiple charge posts. The charging module with DC input can be connected in parallel and in series for systems up to 1000V. The charging module is based on innovative resonance technology, resulting in high efficiency and excellent performance. Output Voltage and Current are controlled and monitored via a CAN bus interface as standard, other protocols are optional.

10kW V2G/V2H for Vehicle to Grid/Vehicle to Home
The other main innovation is a standard 10kW Bidirectional Power concept for EV chargers with three phase AC input. The charger has an active PFC and is based on the latest techniques of HF power electronics based on SiC semiconductors and quasi-resonant technology, resulting in high efficiency and excellent overall performance. The charging module is suitable for CCS & CHAdeMO and can optionally be supplied with an MPPT solar module. The power module can be configured as 'bidirectional' or 'Charger only'. Output voltage and amperage are controlled and monitored via a CAN bus interface as standard.

On Wednesday April 11th 2018, this innovation won an IDTechAward in Berlin for the Most Significant Innovation in Electric Vehicles.

Click here for the complete PRE portfolio of charging solutions. 

Visit PRE at the Hannover Messe
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Hannover Messe
Date: 23 to 27 april
Booth PRE power developers, Hal 27, stand G45

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