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Electrical Vehicles function as virtual power plant (innovation top 100)

PRE Power Developers from Breda reach top 100 of most innovative companies in The Netherlands

Power Research Electronics b.v. (PRE Power Developers) has been nominated for the KVK Innovation top 100 by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). The company is specialised in developing electrical modules for fast charging systems for electrical vehicles. PRE supplies these modules to suppliers of charging systems. PRE has been nominated for the KvK innovation top 100 with their new V2G-charging module.

Battery of electrical vehicles function as power plants
On average an electrical vehicle will only be driving about 10% of the time. Researchers from the Delft University of Technology and PRE saw opportunities to do more with the battery in the remaining time. The battery can, for instance, be used as a home battery. And all the batteries together, constitute a virtual power plant. When there is an unbalance in the energy grid, those batteries can create stability. For both households and the energy companies this can lead to huge savings. According to research company ABI research households can save up to € 240.00 in their annual energy bill.

Direct charging with sustainable energy
The next step is charging the battery with sustainable energy. Electrical driving is only sustainable when the energy used is also sustainable. V2G-technology makes it possible. By connecting solar panels to the V2G-charging systems the energy will go straight in the battery of the vehicle. This is much more efficient than supplying energy to the grid first and then supplying that energy back to the battery of the vehicle. When the electrical vehicles are not charging, or the battery is fully charged, it can be resupplied to the grid. This research has been conducted and completed last year by PRE and TU Delft. The research received several awards.

V2G-charging stations are not yet commercially available
Expectations surrounding the V2G are running high, however, the infrastructure and legislation are not yet optimally configured to achieve the maximum out of the technology. At this moment several countries are conducting pilots to test the technology. Recently, Amsterdam has started a large V2G-testing project. It is expected that V2G will be used fully in 2025.

KvK Innovation top 100
Power Research Electronics b.v. is one of the innovators on V2G-technology. The V2G-modules are currently in use with several pilots. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) has nominated Power Research Electronics for its 10kW V2G-module for a position in the KvK Innovation top 100. On Wednesday September 25th, 2019, a national jury will reveal the ranking of Power Research Electronics BV in the top 100.

About Power Research Electronics b.v.

Power Research Electronics b.v. (PRE) contributes to the success of its customers with its solutions. PRE develops and produces high quality and innovative power electronics. The goal is to achieve the optimal solution for the customers’ demands. Whether it’s about industrial applications, solar or wind energy or electrical mobility. PRE has the solution.


About the KvK Innovation top 100 2019
The Chamber of Commerce stimulates entrepreneurs to grow and innovation is an important pillar for this. Innovative entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses boost the economy with their innovations. The KvK Innovation top 100 shows what the Dutch are good at: innovating! Entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses compete with each other for a position in the KvK Innovation top 100 every year.

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