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Even before starting to develop an (V2G, UltraFast or DC-DC) EV charger, there are some challenges. The EV charger has to be developed in as short an amount of time as possible to be ready for production. Besides the short time-to-market demand, the charger also needs to be reliable, safe and certified. Because of PRE Power Developers’ engineering services, you can outsource part of your design or the complete design of your charger.
Below you will find some solutions and important challenges.

Reference designs
By using reference designs of PRE Power Developers the time-to-market can be reduced considerably. The blueprint with schemes/schedules and bom-lists ensure a perfect starting point for a new charger. There are reference designs available for the DC Wallbox for home/office fast charging (25kW), All-in-one chargers (up to 150kW, multiple outputs), Charger parks (up to 5MW) and invisible (under the ground) chargers.

Cooling and noise levels of chargers
An important challenge regarding the design is the generated heat. To prevent dropout good cooling is essential. What is the best way to cool the design, without having to adjust the design? The noise level is also an issue that needs to be addressed: it has to stay within the set tolerances.

Water and Dust resistant chargers
Every charger that is located outside has to endure rain, dust and pollution in the air. For the longevity and the reliability of the charger it is of the utmost importance to protect the electronics inside the charger against water and dust.

Safety / certification
Before a charger is taken into production it has to undergo the necessary tests. For example: does the charger meet the set requirements, like EMC, as well as CHAdeMO and CCS certification. PRE takes these certifications and requirements into account from the beginning of the design, so a lot of time is saved in the development of the charger. PRE is a core member of both worldwide organizations (CHAdeMO and CharIn) and keeps itself informed of the latest standards.

Integration with EV charge controller
Every charge module needs a charging station and a charge controller. The charge controller enables the communication between the electrical vehicle and the backend (software systems). At a charging station the charge controller and the EV power module have to be able to communicate perfectly with each other. PRE has connected many different charge controllers over the years and knows where problems may occur.

PRE Engineering Services
PRE has been active in the charger market since 2009 and has worked on many designs and their problems. By using PRE Engineering Services you can rely on years of experience. PRE employs specialists in the field of power electronics and embedded software who can help customers with their specific challenge, problem or complete design.

Please Contact our sales office for more Information. PRE offers a solution for all your applications.

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