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Products - Charger modules

Since 2009 PRE is a well-known Power Module supplier for OEM companies. Our customers provide DC Fast Charging solutions all over the world. PRE is your partner for a range of DC EV Charger Modules.


PRE offers Charger Modules for the following applications:

EV Fast Charging stations
        10kW AC/DC Charger Module
        12k5W AC/DC Charger Module

EV Fast Charging parks
        25kW DC/DC Charger Module

EV Home / Office Chargers, Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and SmartGrid Solutions (V2G, V2X)
        10kW V2G Charger Module (3 Phase) with PV input option
        6kW V2H Charger Module (Single Phase)


    CCS & CHAdeMO compliant.
    Bidirectional (V2H/V2G) Operation.
    CANbus Control Interface.
    Latest Resonant Technology
    High efficiency up to 98%
    Direct Solar Charging with optional PV Input.

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