PRE will develop underground multi-carrier energy box for FLEXINet project

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has allocated 5.7 million euro to FLEXINet. In the upcoming years, the FLEXINet consortium will develop hybrid energy storage systems – capable of storing both heat and electricity. The FLEXINet consortium will be led by the Delft University of Technology. PRE power developers plays an important role in the development of the new technology for electricity storage.

Electricity instead of gas, stress on power grid
In the coming years, the Netherlands will dispense with natural gas extracted in Groningen. Legislation passed in 2018 already forbids the installation of gas connections in newly developed residential areas, encouraging property developers to implement sustainable solutions for heating these houses. Mobility – all movement of people, goods and energy – is undergoing a rapid transformation as well. According to the coalition agreement of 2017, all cars sold by 2030 must be zero-emissions vehicles. These developments are a threat to our electrical grid. The FLEXINet consortium wants to help prevent serious problems by storing, integrating and managing energy (electricity and heat) on a house-by-house basis.

Flexible home energy storage - integration of home batteries, V2G, solar and heat pumps
In the future electricity and heat will be provided by a hybrid system controlled by smart algorithms. Profiting of various new technologies that can be cleverly combined, hybrid energy storage will play an important role. Think of new technologies such as micro-cogenerators (combining heat and power), adaptable heat pumps and vehicle-to-grid (V2G), in which your electric car is not only a means of transport but also a means for storing electricity. FLEXINet offers a complete and user-friendly solution.

The most beautiful solution - Underground Multi-Carrier Energy Box
For this FLEXINet project PRE focuses on the integration of Solar, V2G and batteries. This project builds on the already developed FLEXGRID technology (started in 2018 and finished in 2020). (see the Flexgrid animation on Youtube)
In new houses it is easy to integrate large systems directly. But the biggest market is existing homes. In existing builiding is often no room to install a new system. To solve this problem PRE is going to make an underground solution. This Invisible Multi-Carrier Energy Box combines a home battery, PV solar inverter, EV charger (with V2G technology) and a grid inverter. With this technology, it is possible to charge the car directly from the solar panels or to store this energy in the home battery for later use. With the grid connection it’s possible to use the energy for home applications or to supply the energy to the main grid. Some people call it a Tesla power wall with V2G and solar heat energy management. With V2G the battery storage capacity of a house or building can be at least 10-fold that of a standard energy wall.

Easy control your Energy Assets
As a user, you do not want to be busy managing energy assets on a daily basis. It is therefore important that the assets are controlled by smart software. This also falls within the scope of the FLEXINet project. To optimally control all the assets in the system, as well to facilitate grid services, PRE will propose and implement an integrated system controller that can control all assets in the system and enable optimization by third parties. Other parties will use this data to make smart analyses in order to manage the energy as good as possible.

We will keep you informed about this project!

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