DC / DC Charging

Fast charging uses DC. Currently, fast chargers are to be found mostly along the highways. However, this seems to be changing. Most major cities have DC grids for trams and trolleys and also Energy Storage systems/ battery containers are to be found in more and more places. A DC-DC charger enables use of these existing grids.

Fast charging in the city
Fast charging is easy to enable by using the existing DC grids. At the moment many cities are researching the possibilities of fast charging. In parking spaces near a trolleybus or a tram a fast charging station can be easily realised. There are already some examples where this works well. For example: read about the cooperation between Venematech and Connexxion.

The next step is to make this charger bidirectional. PRE is involved in Trolley 2.0 research project to equip Trolley busses with batteries. These batteries are charged while driving and enable busses to continue even if the trolley grid stops working. The batteries can also be used for V2G purposes and there is a link with renewable energy (also DC network).

Energy Storage Systems and EV Charging
Energy Storage Systems are emerging. Battery containers are stationed in more and more places. This can be temporary for a big event or permanent, for example with a neighbourhood battery. With a DC/DC charger it is possible to charge an EV directly from this battery. If there is an Energy Storage System, there is a possibility for fast charging!

PRE Charger Modules and Engineering Services
PRE helps organizations that want to make a DC/DC charging station. PRE offers a 25kW DC/DC charging module as a default product.
PRE can also support in engineering a complete charging station, wall box or charging dock. PRE has been involved in several projects, which makes it easy to act quickly.

DC/DC Charging Products
DC/DC Charging Engineering Services

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