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The vehicle-to-grid (V2G) concept envisions the use of the EV batteries as a virtual power plant. This concept can be used for your home, as well as for a nation or even a whole continent. At this moment V2G technology is on the verge of breaking through. The first projects have already been executed. PRE believes in V2G as a key element for durable energy and the energy transition. PRE also sees itself as an enabler in this particular field.

Vehicle-to-Grid Charging enables large savings
A remote dimmable charge station controllable load (V1G) makes it possible to control the charging of an EV. This is possible with all electrical vehicles, as long as it is connected to a smart (OCPP) charging station. V1G is a necessity to prevent a meltdown of the grid.

On its own, it can have a massive impact on the grid by reducing peak demand and charging only when demand is lower, but study shows that vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, which also enables a vehicle to send power back into the grid with a bi-directional charger, would have an even greater impact than V1G. V2G is the key tool that not only prevents collapse of the grid, but also enables a more efficient utilisation of the grid and a high penetration of renewable energy like wind and solar. V2G is about solving problems with smart software versus old school investments in more cables and high-voltage lines.

According to research conducted by ABI Research, V2G technology can ensure additional revenue of up to $2 billion for global utilities by 2025. The study says the technology could enable consumers to save up to $272 per year on their energy bills.

PRE Specialist in V2G charging
PRE is a pioneer in the field of V2G charging. PRE has developed a V2G charger together with the TU Delft, which makes it possible to charge a car directly from solar panels. The result of this research is a 10kW bidirectional V2G charger with solar option. PRE engineers have been involved in the development of several V2G chargers are capable of developing a complete V2G charger.

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