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2019: the breakthrough year of V2G charging

2019 will be the year (commercial) V2G charging will definitely break through. In 2018 the first demonstration and qualification projects have been finished successfully. 2019 will continue in this fashion. PRE power developers develops and produces charger modules for manufacturers of charging stations. In 2018 the development of the 10kW bidirectional V2G charger module was completed. PRE has setup a strong supply chain and is ready for mass production to fulfil in the surging demand.

In our latest blog we talked about the V2G technology and our vision on the market. What we didn’t tell is that PRE receives emails on a daily basis from private individuals and companies looking for a V2G solution. Demand for V2G charging is usually combined with inquiries about solar charging.

Companies and private individuals who have invested in solar panels and own an EV charging station as well, understand that it is much more effective to charge a car directly from the solar panels themselves, instead of rendering the energy to the grid first and then charging the car from the grid.
In 2019 there will be solutions for these customers. PRE power developers has the technology and the knowledge to assist the market on their demand!

PRE will inform the market on commercially available solutions on Facebook and LinkedIn.


EV Charger Modules
Since 2009 PRE is a well known Power Module supplier for OEM (charger) companies. Our customers provide DC Fast Charging solutions all over the world. PRE is your partner for a FULL range of DC EV Charger Modules, with unique USP’s.

1) proven reliable products, installed base of more than 10.000 modules
2) compliant with CCS and CHAdeMO and latest environmental standards for acoustic noise levels
3) future proof, including V2G/V2H and 1000V DC ultra fast charging.

PRE Charger modules - product range (EV Fast Charging stations, EV Fast Charging parks and V2G/V2H solutions).

Engineering Services

PRE power developers is an engineering company with specialists in power electronics and embedded software. PRE offers reference design for various kind of chargers. For example:

DC Wallbox for home/office fast charging (25kW)
All-in-one chargers (up to 150kW, multiple outputs)
Charger parks (up to 5MW)
Invisible (under the ground) chargers

The PRE engineering team support customers on topics like: cooling, water/dust proof designs, Safety/EMC/CCS/CHAdeMo certification, charge controllers, etc.


Power Research Electronics b.v.
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4817 ZK Breda
The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 76 58 11 077
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E info@pr-electronics.nl

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* Power Research Electronics BV (PRE) is a privately owned company in The Netherlands, working under the name PRE power developers.
* PRE power developers is an independent supplier of EV Charger Modules and Power Electronic Technology for the European and US market.
* In 2002 the main field of work was PV solar inverters, standalone inverters and battery BMS.
* As of 2008 PRE is active in DC fast charging technology and a technology provider for charger companies.
* Since 2012 PRE is working on solutions for the energy transition, where EV’s, renewable solar/wind energy, self driving – shared cars and battery storage will play an important role in the secure and cost effective supply of electrical energy.

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